Atelier Global is an aspiring studio strongly believes in the power of design and creativity.
We think beyond space and function for new insights and possibilities. Our methodology is to establish cross links among different cultures, scales and form of spaces that enables transposition thinking and generate new quality of spaces.
The systematic yet transboundary approach has been successfully executed on comprehensive project types including culture, education, retail and live/ work spaces. We consistently focus on details for project realization.
Atelier Global has received numerous design awards from the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, Our colleagues are actively involved in academic and cultural research including Biennale exhibition and university teaching.
  • Sky Design Award 2020  - For Marsters for Everyone
     日本天空設計大獎 —— 松山湖 · 大家藝術博覽館
  • Sky Design Award 2020  - Shenzhen LongHua Book City
     日本天空設計大獎 —— 深圳書城龍華城
  • The Architecture MasterPrize™ (AMP):Winner - For Marsters for Everyone
     美國建築大師獎 優勝獎 —— 松山湖 · 大家藝術博覽館
  • The Architecture MasterPrize™ (AMP):Honorable Mention - Shenzhen LongHua Book City
     美國建築大師獎 榮譽獎 —— 深圳書城龍華城
  • ICONIC Award 2020  - Shenzhen LongHua Book City
     德國ICONIC AWARDS 2020設計大獎 —— 深圳書城龍華城
  • ICONIC Award 2020 - Songshan Lake —— For Marsters for Everyone
     德國ICONIC AWARDS 2020設計大獎 —— 松山湖 · 大家藝術博覽館
  • HKIA Annual Awards 2019/20
     Merit Award Outside Hong Kong – Shenzhen LongHua Book City
     香港建築師學會境外優異獎–社區建築 —— 深圳書城龍華城
  • Honorable Mention in international design awards,Guangzhou Runhui Science Park
     美國International Design Awards 榮譽獎——廣州潤慧科技園
  • A'Design Award & Competition - Iron A'Design Award,Guangzhou Runhui Science Park
     義大利A'Design Award設計大獎——廣州潤慧科技園
  • A'Design Award & Competition - Iron A'Design Award,Fuzhou Show Time Square
    義大利A'Design Award設計大獎——撫州碩果時代
  • IF Design Award - Discipline Architecture – The You Art Centre, Changde
  • HKIA Cross - Strait Architectural Design Symposium and Awards 2019 - Nominated Award,Shenzhen Longhua Archive Library
  • HKIA Cross - Strait Architectural Design Symposium and Awards 2019 - Nominated Award,Hirunning ,Shenzhen
  • 2018年度A&D Trophy Awards---Best institutional,You Art Centre,Changde
     A&D Trophy Awards 最佳公建——常德右岸文化藝術中心
  • A&D China Awards 2018 --- Best institutional : Certificate  Of  Excellence -You Art Centre,Changde
     A&D 建+設大獎  最佳非商業機構專案優秀獎 ——常德右岸文化藝術中心
  • HKIA Annual Awards 2017/18
         Merit Award Outside Hong Kong-You Art Centre,Changde
         香港建築師學會2017/18 年度境外優異獎——常德右岸文化藝術中心
  • HKIA Annual Awards 2017/18
         Finalist– Hi Running ,Shenzhen
         香港建築師學會2017/18 年度入圍作品——深圳嗨您商場
  • Golden Medal in international design awards,The You Art Centre, Changde
     美國International design awards金獎——常德右岸文化藝術中心
  • Bronze Medal in international design awards,Shenzhen Longhua Archive Library
     美國International design awards 銅獎——深圳龍華檔案館
  • Bronze Medal in international design awards,Shenzhen Long Hua Book City
     美國International design awards 銅獎——深圳書城龍華城
  • A'Design Award & Competition,Shenzhen Longhua Archive Library
  • A'Design Award & Competition,The You Art Centre, Changde
  • A'Design Award & Competition,Shenzhen Long Hua Book City
  • A'Design Award & Competition,Hirunning ,Shenzhen
     Frankie lui
  • Venice Biennale 2018 Hong Kong Pavilion Exhibitors
  • Japan Good Design Award and Hong Kong Common Room & Co. Exhbition Co-curator.
     日本Good Design Award 和香港Common Room & Co. 聯合展覽參展人(香港10位頂尖設計師之一)
  • First Prize,Design Competition of Shenzhen Book Mall
  • First Prize,Shenzhen Longhua Archive Library
  • A&D Trophy Awards ,Xian Gemdale
  • Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2017
     Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies-Best Renowned Architectural Design Company in Hong Kong
  • HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Award,Changsha Din Din Creativity Centre, Xian Gemdale Plaza
  • A'Design Award  & Competition,Shenyang Vanke Marketing Centre
  • A'Design Award  & Competition,Changsha Din Din Creativity Centre
  • A'Design Award  & Competition,Shenzhen  Vanke Hongshuwan Project
  • A&D Trophy Awards——亞太區建築獎
  • Golden Medal in International Design Awards,Changsha Din Din Creativity Centre
     美國International Design Awards 金獎——長沙叮叮創意中心
  • HKIA Medal of the Year outside Hong Kong 2015,Changsha Din Din Creativity Centre
  • HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards 2013,Vice Versa Houses, HK
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Architects President's Prize 2012,Vice Versa Houses, HK
  • HKIA  Annual Award 2009
     President Prize—Shortlisted Project Kingston International School,HK
  • China Architectural Media Awards
     Shortlisted Project for Building Award  Kingston International School,HK
  • HKIA  Annual Award 2008
     Commercial Building,-Shortlisted Project 10 Prat Avenue,Tsim Sha Tsui,HK
  • Cultural Building(Overseas)-Shortlisted Project OCT Exhibition Pavilion,Shenzhen,China
  • HKIA Journal Best Paper Award 2009 Design Category Interiorized Nature : 
     Encompassing Nature Encompassed by Nature HKIA Journal 2009-Issue 56
  • Ten Books of Architectue HK and Shenzhen Biennale Exhibition
     Frankie lui
  • Hong kong Young Architect Award 2002
     Co-organized by the Hong Kong Institute of  Architects and Asian Cultural Council
  • The Hong Kong Institute of  Architects President's 2002, Kingston International School, HK