Shenzhen Long Hua Book City
Breathing Architecture——Spiritual fufillment to the people.
  • Bronze Medal in international design awards,Shenzhen Long Hua Book City
      美國International design awards 銅獎——深圳書城龍華城
  • Silver Medal in A'Design Award & Competition,Shenzhen Long Hua Book City
        義大利國際A 設計大獎銀獎——深圳書城龍華城
  • First Prize,Design Competition of Shenzhen Book Mall
Our design aims to rejuvenate this district by making the architecture an interlocking system of cultural spaces. A network of vertical terraces further enhances the living quality. Facade is composed of vertical shading devices to filter sunlight at different angles that also reminds the dynamic condition of flipping a book. Interior design creates vertical dialogues among different programs. Target completion is 2020.
  • Flexible cultural space
We propose to convert 20% of the designated area into flexible cultural space. Such space is ready to cater new typology of book-related events and exhibitions in the future.
As the new cultural anchor in the Longhua district, the architecture should be open to the city. Flexible cultural space intercross in vertical dimension and create dialogues with the surrounding context. Different cultural activities and functions happen at different corners of the building. With such spatial arrangement, the book program and flexible cultural space can interact with each other without the restriction of time and space.
  • Breathing architecture   
The substantial amount of greenery in the existing site inspires to bring nature and fuse seamlessly with the interiors. Large and green terraces in different perimeter of the building form dialogues with the openings on the façade. This gives visitors an opportunity to experience the sense of nature even inside the building.
  • Inter-discipline platforms
The urban cultural-living room promotes connectivity not only inside the building, also with the city. The perimeter of the building embraces people and nature from different corners of the city. The idea of cultural street along the site perimeter grows into the building and escalates vertically through terraces and atrium. This vertical form of cultural space brings an unprecedented experience to the readers.
  • Spiritual fulfillment to the people
The new Book City is a dynamic and responsive architecture. Through its unique and bespoke spatial arrangement, it creates identity and provides a brand new interactive environment for their experience by the public.
  • 靈活文化增值空間
  • 呼吸的綠建築
  • 城市跨界平臺
  • 深入市民心靈所需
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