• HKIA Annual Awards 2017/18 Finalist, Hi Running ,Shenzhen
  • Bronze Medal in A'Design Award & Competition,Hirunning ,Shenzhen
      義大利國際A 設計大獎銅獎——深圳嗨您商場
  • Local community-arcade
Hi-Running is an arcade in the centre ofXiangmihu, a small high-end residential district in Shenzhen, China. It is targeted to be community-shopping centre than conventional extravagant shopping mall, to accommodate small and local shops that sells daily needs products. The arcade presents coziness and ordinary interior space for the community.
  • Design
The design was inspired by traditional village planning to root a banyan tree in the village, in which villagers gathers under the shades of theFung Shui tree. In Hi-Running, an abstracted geometric giant tree is presented in the atrium as focal point and community hub.Resting and meeting with neighbors in the parametric atrium, visitors enjoy the shades and lighting undersky light and shaded by the giant tree, the branches would guide visitors’ focus to the skylight and back to the atrium. The edge of skylight was assembled by “small cut” of triangles and glass to complete the curve perimeter. An overall industrial mood was introduced. Black steel panels were stained matte, the stain were randomly spray on the panel to resemble old elements seen everywhere in old villages. Other panels are in warm colour, to bringcontrast with the dark element to create layers.
  • Sustainability
With the enormous sky light structure and proper fenestration on north and east of the building, the reliance on artificial lighting is minimal, while chimney effect in atrium is maximized for ventilation.Recycled wood and metal were use during constriction as form work and furniture.
  • 社區中心
嗨您商場這個新商場位於福田中心的高尚住宅腹地——香蜜湖片區。坐立僑香路這條僑香社區與城市聯繫的主要幹道上, 並且緊鄰華潤萬家這間區內大型超級市場, 深圳嗨您商場是僑香”社區中心”。購物中心的設計以社區為本, 服務鄰舍, 集合本區小店,購買日常用品, 室內佈局和設計親民為僑香社區的市民提供了一個適合聚集的公共場所。
  • 設計
  • 可持續性
中庭的巨型天窗和東、北兩面巧妙的開窗設計,充份利用日照陽光和煙囪效應,減少對人工照明與通風的依賴。商場內的休憩桌椅和工程中所用的範本也採用回收的木材和金屬, 於社區推廣環保亦減少工程廢料。
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