Vanke Wanchai Mixed Use Development, Hong Kong

Urban Metamorphosis ——Alchemizing the urban fabric transformation.
We are designing for Vanke’s debut development in Hong Kong. This composite tower is situated in the neighborhood of Wanchai, one of thWWe most historical districts experiencing major urban redevelopments today. The site is famous for its mixture of old and new contexts. We want to create a timeless building for Vanke that serves as witness to the transformation of the historical fabric. It is like an alchemical process of extracting the essences of the neighborhood and forging theminto a brand new icon of the area.
The design is informed by the rich local architectural characters and elements from the post-war tenement houses, residential blocks of the 80s and contemporary curtain wall towers. By mapping the shadows of the contextual buildings onto the facade, we create a morphing gradient of evolving modules: deep balcony, punch hole, and sleek curtain wall facade. We interpret these morphing facade modules from the lower floors to the top as a strata of history with various fabric datum around the site, hence the building blends in with existing fabric yet emerges skyward to the top.
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