The You Art Centre, Changde
City Stages of Light——Interpenetration of light and volumes for diversified functional spaces.
  • IF Design Award – Discipline Architecture,The You Art Centre, Changde
  • 2018年度A&D Trophy Awards-Best institutional,The You Art Centre, Changde
      A&D Trophy Awards 最佳公建——常德右岸文化藝術中心
  • A&D China Awards 2018 —Best institutional : Certificate  Of  Excellence,The You Art Centre, Changde
      A&D 建+設大獎  最佳非商業機構專案優秀獎 ——常德右岸文化藝術中心
  • HKIA Annual Awards 2017/18,Merit Award Outside Hong Kong,The You Art Centre, Changde
  • Golden Medal in international design awards,The You Art Centre, Changde
      美国International design awards 金奖——常德右岸文化艺术中心
  • Golden Medal in A'Design Award & Competition,The You Art Centre, Changde
      意大利国际A 设计大奖金奖——常德右岸文化艺术中心
The You Art Centre, Changde

City Stages of Light——Interpenetration of light and volumes for diversified functional spaces.
  • The You Art Center is located in Changde, the origin city of famous Chinese fable Land of Peach Blossoms. The building footprint is around 1600sm. The project vision is to use urban art as medium and catalyst for city upgrade and redevelopment, promote aesthetic education for better public spaces, urban art and life style. Hence, It helps rebrand the old city identity for greater exposure and understanding through this new art portal.
  • We envision an art space with more publicness, flexibility and public engagement. Unlike many other enclosed white boxes in traditional art exhibition center, the future of the art center is not just a stage for the art pieces but more about promoting interaction between public and artists. Hence we design a vertical public atrium as an informal public space for exhibition, events, and circulation. It reflect the traditional social characters of the lanes and streetscape in a vertical manner to interface art with the public.
  • The architectural design concept of Changde YOUAN Art Centre takes “The Light of Changde” as the main theme, using architectural space as the medium, we aspire to create a stage/platform for the cultivation of art and spiritual lifestyle.
  • Contemporary art is unique in its diverse way of expressions and formats, to tailor for this uniqueness, our building end up in a series of stacking boxes of various size, height and proportions.
  • The You Art Center also reflects the aspiration of an Utopia where people lead an ideal existence in harmony with nature. It becomes a place or venue open for public engagement and participation. 
  • The building massing honesty reflects the stacking space and functions within. Inspired by the shimmering quality of the Yuan River and indigenous roof tile craftsmanship, we use faceting aluminum cladding modules to create an animating envelope effect from various viewing angles and daylight conditions. 
  • Catering for various art programs requirement, we create a series of functional boxes organized around the vertical public atrium. The venue becomes a museum without wall and boundary for Visitors to experience the space under the brightly lit skylight atrium.
  • 右岸文化藝術中心專案位於常德市,桃花源記的發源地,占地面積1600平方米。右岸文化藝術中心,是右岸城”藝術介入,城市更新”的重要實踐,以藝術介入城市發展,以美學介入未來生活,構建滋養城市文明的卓越公共藝術空間,提升城市品牌,使之成為世界常德的人文IP,成為世界瞭解東方的新“窗口”和凝聚湘西北人文情懷“紐帶”。
  • 我們心中理想的藝術空間應有更多公共性、靈活性和參與性,替代封閉性與固態靜止的傳統美術館模式。未來美術館不單單再是成功藝術家呈現輝煌的聖殿,而是激發公眾和藝術作品及藝術家互動、交流的藝術場所。一些靈活可變,功能多元,留白的空間,卻可以激發藝術家和公眾的創作激情,為特定環境和場地而創作,讓藝術品,公眾和沅水藝術中心融為一體。形成常德在保留自有的人文生態的同時,更具有獨特的精神氣質。
  • 本案建築設計概念以常德之光為主題,構成一個城市光之舞臺,光是每人所嚮往的,而通過多元的建築空間呈現一個豐富文化生活的舞臺。
  • 當代藝術的一個顯著特徵是其表現形式的多元化,與這種特徵相對應的空間在沅水美術館不僅塑造了傳統美術館中充分高度的經典空間,更有大小不一,尺度各異,層高顯著不同的空間相互立體構成,大空間、中空間、小空間、書院空間、黑盒子(多功能表演,會議,展覽空間)去應對不同藝術形式的需求。
  • 藝術中心的設計起點源於市民對常德美麗城市與人民的情懷與追求,希望有一個既能在當地呈現與提高藝術文化精神,同時又高度開放的好場所與市民大眾能自由參與這獨特的精神心靈空間。
  • 建築體量直接體現了立體多元空間的疊加,我們從沅江蕩漾起伏的水面汲取靈感,透過金屬表皮折面的不同反光和透光的處理,白天黑夜在人逐漸走近建築的過程中,建築的表面也在進行著微妙而有趣的虛實變化,形成步移景遷,波光粼粼的視覺效果。
  • 希望通過一個多元的建築空間呈現一個豐富文化生活的心靈場所,以創造更多的公共性、靈活性和參與性的藝術空間,去應對不同藝術形式的需求,而且更是一個充滿陽光與立體庭院的無牆展示體驗。外立面更啟發於棚戶的肌理,形成一個有光影與質感的場所記憶的延伸。
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