Gemdale Plaza, Xian

Criss-crossing Paths——A fluid, dynamic, and seamless spatial experience.
  • A&D Trophy Awards ,Xian Gemdale
  • HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Award, Xian Gemdale Plaza
By exploring various sculptural qualities of the interior space, we create a fluid, dynamic, and seamless spatialexperience for visitors along the main circulation spine, a north-south axis connecting two urban plazas. The project retail mix includes a boutique market, a children’s zone at 3F, a 10-screen cinema at 4F, and other rich combination of leisure, retail, and restaurants. We designed the main circulation in the form of two dynamis interweaving paths which define three atriums and embrace an elevator systemthat connects the
variety of tenant mix. The two interweaving paths intersect and expand to naturally direct visitors to shop-fronts on both sides while they walk along the north-south axis spine. Detailed sectional studies generated a tapered section profile that gradually unfolds along shopfronts and enhances sightlines across different floors. It aims to set up an ‘experiential chemistry’among the program mix.
通過對室內空間的雕塑性研究,我們創造出一個流暢的空間體驗。購物中心的主軸沿南北軸線連接兩個城市廣場。主動線是兩條動態交織的路徑,圍繞三個中庭空間,交織路徑相交和收放自然無縫地帶動遊客到達兩側的商店。透過簷口, 欄杆的剖面設計研究,提高在不同樓層的可視性。雕塑性的中庭扶梯,提高在不同樓層的可達性。流暢的空間造型,建立不同的視覺定位連接三個中庭和逐漸展開的店面。它的目的是建立一個豐富流暢的室內空間體驗。
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